About Sarah and Massage


Sarah De Spiegelaere


Registered Massage Therapist

Sports Injury Therapist

Sarah is an experienced massage therapist and sports injury therapist specializing in injury prevention and treatment. Sarah graduated with honours from massage therapy and sports injury therapy program at the Canadian Therapeutic College, Burlington in 2007. She provides a wide variety of services including, deep tissue, relaxation, pre & post natal, cupping massage, hot stone massage, sports massage and orthopedic massage (post surgical).

She has completed courses in treating problems with the thorax and TMJ joints (Jaw). She also provides services for clients involved in MVAs (Motor Vehicle Accidents). Sarah has done extensive work with athletes and sports teams, and has an interest in sports biomechanics. Sarah’s has worked at a local college instructing and supervising massage therapy students and is passionate about passing on her skills and knowledge.




Clinical Massage is considered to be medical in nature. Its focus is the rehabilitation of soft tissue conditions and injury.Massage therapy melts away stress and tension, relieving associated headaches and muscular aches and pains.

Massage therapy aids in the healing process from injury or over-use, and is an excellent form of preventive health care.

Many sports injuries, car accidents, repetitive actions on the job, and tension from everyday stress can cause problems that will cause pain, headaches, decreased range of motion, lower your resistance to illnesses and compromise your lifestyle.


    How is massage beneficial?

    Eases stress

    • Gives you more energy

    • Improves your outlook on life

    • Reduces injury and illness

    • Relieves asthma, anxiety, and insomnia

    • Provides supportive therapy

    Prevents complications

    • Improves circulation
    • Lowers blood pressure

    Relieves injuries

    • Soothes tendinitis and carpal-tunnel syndrome
    • Reduces swelling and pain
    • Improves posture
    • Stimulates intestinal movement
    • Promotes healing and reduces scar formation
    • Increases flexibility and strength

    What can massage treat?

    Massage therapy is safe and effective if used for stress management but it is also widely used to help patients obtain relief from many specific problems. 

    Common Conditions that can be treated with Massage Therapy

    • Whiplash (MVA)

    • Headaches or Migraines

    • Sprains & Strains

    • Joint injuries or dysfunction

    • Arthritis

    • Pre and Post-natal Care

    • Scoliosis

    • Tendinitis / Bursitis(overuse)

    • Insomnia

    • Sciatic Pain Syndrome

    • Carpal Tunnel

    • Degenerative or Herniated Disc

    • Fatigue or stress management

    • Neuralgia/Neuritis